1:1 Macrobiotic Coaching

Supporting you online to help you make and sustain healthy lifestyle changes

Whether you are struggling to eat healthily, have a health condition or are having difficulty getting a good nights sleep, we are here to help you achieve all your health and wellbeing goals.

Thank you both for helping me loose 10lbs so far, now I don’t snore at all, I don’t have fog in my head, I think my sleep apnoea is going away with the weight loss and my blood pressure is now right on the edge of normal.

You have a huge amount of knowledge about drug interaction, my friends advice to talk to you really paid off – all great stuff, thank you!

BIlly, Seatle, USA

4x 1.5hr



Would you like

  • radiant health and beauty
  • motivation and drive to make the healthy changes you desire
  • to be the healthiest version of you
  • to know how to prepare the tastiest, healthiest meals
  • a complete Mind Body and Spirit package
  • to feel good every day

We can give you cooking tips, recipes and ancient philosophy

This personalised online coaching package will address any health concerns. We can share with you the tools to strengthen your mind, body and spirit, using practical ways to bring the best of health and wellbeing.

We will work together to help to navigate your current health condition and a path to improved health.

What does our coaching cover?

  • 4 x 90 min zoom calls
  • cooking tips
  • lifestyle suggestions
  • theory/ancient philosophy with David
  • cooking demonstrations with Nicola, creating delicious dishes and medicinal remedies

We look for to sharing our secrets to glowing health with you.

Each week we will show you how to prepare delicious meals that are bespoke to you needs