The Secret Power of Food
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The Secret Power of Food

Are you searching for answers?

Do you want to be spiritually aligned and a clean and clear vessel to move forward?

These times are challenging, the world is changing at a rapid pace and we have been presented with two realities.

We have choices, we have free will and we can follow whichever narrative calls us…

Our teacher was the most enlightened person we’d met, he talked about a New World, a Golden Age, World Peace and Oneness was his dream…

In 1987 he wrote ‘One Peaceful World’ ~ An approach to creating a Healthy & Harmonious Mind, Home & World Community’

Food makes us, and his teaching has shaped our life.

If we get our food right then we are happy, healthy & peaceful… we naturally become centred, balanced, everything in our life flows with ease and our spiritual centres begin to open.

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‘Your combined knowledge and passion knows no limits’ ~ Billy, Vancouver

That’s why we’ve developed this course ‘The Secret Power of Food’ ~ an introduction to this ancient wisdom and how to begin living this balanced , heart centred way of life. This way of life that changed our lives forever.

Our food choices are everything, our food becomes us, we ARE what we eat!

So if you want….

  • To radiate at a higher frequency
  • To make more balanced decisions in your life
  • To have a healthy glow
  • To look & feel younger
  • To be happier, healthier and more in tune with your purpose

OR you are curious or interested in becoming vegan in a healthy way, or new to the plant-based lifestyle but not sure what to eat

Then ‘The Secret Power of Food’ is for you and can show you how…

You deserve the best don’t you? You have one life, let it be the best.

What will you get from the course?

  • All you need to know to get you started to transform your health
  • A clear understanding of the best daily food choices for your health and why
  • Inspiring talks and Cooking Classes from Experienced International Teachers who specialise in this field
  • Downloadable Recipes and PDF Documents
  • A recorded course that you can watch at your own pace

PRICE: £222.00

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