Macrobiotic Level 1

6 month course live by zoom each week
4th January 2022 – 28th June 2022

The Ki to Life Macrobiotic Level 1
‘The Secrets to Health & Longevity’

What would it feel like to be healthier, happier and calm every single day, radiating the love and peace in the world that you want to see?

• Without spending hours in the kitchen
• Without taking expensive vitamins & supplements
• Without having any cravings
• Without feeling deprived or hungry

The Secret Power of Food

Online recorded course

The Secret Power of Food
Watch at your own pace

Are you searching for answers?

Our food choices are everything, our food becomes us, we ARE what we eat!
That’s why we’ve developed this course, an introduction to this ancient wisdom and how to begin living this balanced, heart centred way of life. This way of life that changed our lives forever.
You deserve the best don’t you? You have one life, let it be the best.

MACROBIOTIC Cooking Lesson

Macrobiotic Cooking Lesson

Private Course for 1-2 people