David and Nicola McCarthy have a powerful combined knowledge of healing through food and therapies following deep personal experience and many years of dedicated study and teaching. Together, they are a force of nature whose mission is to empower as many people as possible to gain control of their health through making informed, healthy choices.

David McCarthy

I’ve been fortunate enough to help many recover their health with the healing power of food.  I began my career as a Pharmacist with a successful chain in the UK as well as opening the first western pharmacies in Tbilisi and Moscow (before the Berlin Wall came down).

Through the health challenges of my son Jonathan, who was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour at just 9 years old, the direction of my life changed.  I grew up with a spiritual understanding and was drawn to become a spiritual healer, this led my enquiring mind to find, study and practice all that was natural in health. From Ayurveda to Zen I continually searched for the answers to true health.  After finding the Macrobiotic philosophy and applying all that I had learnt on the way, I then truly understood the healing power of food, and how to harness this to bring optimal health. I have devoted over 20 years of my life to sharing my healing and my knowledge, spreading awareness of this truly life changing and transformational information.

David McCarthy - The Ki to Life
Nicola McCarthy - The Ki to Life

Nicola McCarthy

I was a sensitive child, feeling things so deeply, little did I know how Empathic I was, sensing others energies.  I discovered in my twenties that I was in fact a Psychic Medium, and these early childhood experiences all began to make sense.

I was drawn to other ‘sensitive’s’ and when I was introduced to ‘Complementary Therapies’ on a talk, I was hooked.  I felt I had found my ‘home’ and wanted to know more.  I immersed myself in learning these energy healing techniques, studied and practised Reflexology, Reiki, Kinesiology and used Crystals.

I launched my own practice in 2001 in Sussex where I had grown up, at that time I had a huge spiritual awakening, I was receiving profound communication from the spirit world and channeling messages from guides for clients.  I was being guided and knew there was something very big around the corner that would change my life.

I was led to learn from some wonderful teachers, highly regarded Mediums, Tony Stockwell and the late Colin Fry.  It was at Colin’s Spirit Lodge in April 2001 that I was to meet my husband David.  I believe we were destined to meet.  We were to be together, learn together and share our healing with others.  David introduced me to the healing power of food, and together we found macrobiotics, a philosophy for living and aligning with nature and this is where my life truly transformed and my healing journey began.  I have spent almost twenty years sharing what I have learnt with others, helping them to heal and live their best life using all that I know is true in nature’s alchemy.