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The Ki Club

Let us inspire you to change your habits and your life one mouthful at a time and join us in our EXCLUSIVE ONLINE MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY The Ki Club.  Are you ready to start your transformation?

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Macrobiotic Health Consultations

As a Macrobiotic Health Counsellor, David guides others to strengthen or recover their own health. The macrobiotic approach has a proven track record in helping to manage or eliminate a whole host of medical conditions.

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Teaching for all levels

From the curious beginner to the advanced practitioner, take a look at our selection of online and in-person teaching and internationally accredited Kushi Macrobiotic Levels.

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If you’re here, you are probably looking for answers. You may have lived with health issues for years, you may be suffering from burnout or you may have experienced trauma in your life.

Perhaps you are committed to losing weight or to practising a healthier lifestyle, or you may simply be interested in taking some time for yourself, to relax, eat good food and explore a new way of life.

Whatever your reason, it’s likely that you are on this page because you are seeking change, and we can help with that. As students, teachers and practitioners of the macrobiotic lifestyle for almost twenty years we can assure you that once you commit to making changes in your life, however small, balance will follow.

We are David and Nicola McCarthy and The Ki to Life was born out of our combined knowledge of and enthusiasm for natural healing techniques in the form of food and therapies. We have benefitted from this lifestyle for many years and excited, in this new phase of our lives, to offer our knowledge and experience to those who wish to enjoy the peace, harmony and health that we do.

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David and Nicola McCarthy - the ki to life